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Security Guard Services

Central Texas Protective Services Inc provides Security Guard Services to Austin and Central Texas.  We offer both armed and unarmed security guard services to businesses.  Central Texas Protective Services secures and protects business’ property and customers.  Our owners have a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in private security and community policing

Commercial Security Services

Central Texas Protective Services provides commercial security services for businesses located in the Austin and San Antonio areas.  Protect your business with our professional and highly-trained security officers.

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Austin Crime

Austin’s crime index is low which on a scale of 0 – 100 with 100 being the safest, usually hovers around an 8 or a 10.  Last year there were 34,291 crimes against property and 3,933 violent crimes.  To protect your business’ property and ensure your customer’s safety you need professional and experienced security services.  Our officers are trained professionals and are licensed through the State of Texas.

Central Texas Protective Services Inc provides you with reliable private security services in the greater Austin and Central Texas areas including San Antonio.  The Texas Department of Public Safety regulates the licensing of security guards in the State of Texas.  We are fully insured as directed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  In fact, we meet or exceed the liability insurance requirements set by the state.

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Austin, Texas

Central Texas Protective Services (CTPS) is a locally owned and operated business so we are familiar with the security needs of the Central Texas area.

We are currently providing our security services to clients in Austin and San Antonio.

All current Central Texas Protective Services Officers are Level III Certified Commissioned Security Officers licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety to carry firearms.

Non-Commissioned Officers are also available if an unarmed presence is preferred.

Additionally, we have several Active Duty Texas Law Enforcement Officers available for off duty law enforcement.

This enables Central Texas Protective Services to provide you with a professional uniformed armed security presence to ensure that your particular security needs can be met.

Commissioned officers

We offer armed security officers that provide maximum threat and crime deterrence. Our commissioned officers are meticulously trained to deal with any situation that may occur on your business or property. To carry a firearm, all licensed commissioned security officers in the State of Texas must pass the Level 3 training course that includes training in firearm safety and includes a range test to ensure firearm proficiency with handguns and shotguns. The course also teaches officers handcuffing, defensive tactics, conflict resolution, officer safety, crime scene protection, laws, regulations, note taking and report writing. Finally, the State of Texas requires all licensed security officers to re-certify every two years to keep up with all new laws and keep their training fresh.

Learn what it takes to become a licensed security guard in Texas.

Non-commissioned Officers

Security Guards that do not carry a firearm are non-commissioned officers.  These officers take the same in-classroom training as commissioned officers but are not required to take the firearm instruction.  This means that they have the same level of training in handcuffing, defensive tactics, conflict resolution, officer safety, crime scene protection, laws, regulations, note taking and report writing as commissioned officers.

Personal Protection Officers

We also offer personal protection officers which are commonly referred to as body guards.  Our officers have years of experience protecting high-profile people and keeping them safe is a top priority.  Our personal protection officers require extra training that not only includes the Level 3 Commissioned Security Officer training but also requires Level 4 Personal Protection Officer (PPO) training.

Available Security Services

  • Night Club

  • Residential/Apartment Communities

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Government

  • Special Event

  • Patrol Services

  • Standing Guard Services

  • Personal Protection (Bodyguard)

  • Private Investigations

  • Vacant Lot/Land

  • Construction Sites

  • Temporary Services

Patrol Services

The Central Texas Protective Services Inc. patrol team makes random passes throughout the night along with performing a thorough on foot patrol of your property. During the patrols we check all common areas such as:

  • Leasing Office
  • Pools
  • Hallways / Stairwells
  • Laundry Areas
  • Fitness Center
  • Parking Areas

During these patrol passes we can perform lock-ups as well as unlocks on your property. A detailed report can be emailed to you. In addition, during the patrol passes our presence alone can reduce or deter the possibility of crime or criminal activity.

Background Checks

Central Texas Protective Services provides background check services.  These background checks can be civil, criminal, credit, or all the above.  We perform thorough background checks and will uncover anything negative.  Our investigators are experienced in performing background checks on prospective employees, renters, or anyone you need to know more about.

Background Checks

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With today’s fast-growing threat to public safety it is important to know that you have a company that you can rely on.  Our company success is based on the success of your business as our customer.  As your private security provider, we take the necessary precautions to deter potential crime and help our client succeed in business.