Our Security Guard Services

Central Texas Protective Services Inc specializes in many areas of private security.  These range from professional security guards to off-duty police officers for hire.  We are available 24/7 and are here to help secure your business or event.  The sections below describe all of our security guard services.

Security Guard Services

Central Texas Protective Services provides armed security guards that can secure your property or event.  We specialize in providing guards for small businesses like bars, clubs, apartment complexes, construction sites, office buildings, and more.  All of our officers are certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  In addition, all of our officers are required to re-qualify every two years to remain knowledgeable about any new laws.

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Security Guard Services

Off-Duty Police Officer Services

Off-Duty Police Officers

Another part of our Security Guard Services is providing Off-Duty Police Officer Servers.  All of our off-duty police officers are certified Peace Officers by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  Our off-duty officers can be an extra layer of security for high-traffic businesses like bars and clubs.  We also provide off-duty officers for traffic safety in road construction projects and are certified by the National Highway Institute.

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Background Check Services

We also provide Background Check services.  We can perform pre-employment background checks that include civil background, criminal background, and credit checks.  All of our background checks are performed by our licensed Private Investigators.

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Background Check Services