Our Private Investigators are all certified and licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety and are therefore licensed to provide Background Checks in Austin for Individuals and Companies.

Central Texas Protective Services Inc Private Investigators are located in Austin, Texas and they are the information gathering resource that you will need to protect yourself, your family and your business. In other words we are the security company that can give you peace of mind.

A Private Investigator can help you find old friends, school mates, former roommates, family members, missing persons.  After obtaining detailed information about the person you want to find our Private Investigators use all of the tools at our disposal to find them and as a result we will be able to provide the location in a minimum amount of time.

Central Texas Protective Services Inc is not only able to provide Security Guard Services, we are also licensed to perform several types of background checks in Austin for individuals and companies:

Criminal History Background Check

Businesses can have this check run to vet new employees. This can indicate possible substance abuse problems, tendencies toward embezzlement and fraud. Consequently, this will ensure a more safe and secure workplace.

Prior Employment Background Check

With this check businesses will be able to ensure that new employees have truthfully submitted their prior employment history. This check goes hand in hand with the Education Verification which will verify that the submitted Education history, list of Professional licenses and Certificates are indeed valid and the Reference Check which will verify the submitted references.

Social Media & Internet Background Check

Is someone is cyber-stalking you? This investigation should provide the information that you need. We will check the popular social media apps, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Driving Record Background Check

If your employees are required to drive then this investigation is a must to ensure that your company vehicles and insurance are safe.

Sexual Offender Registry Check

This background check will ensure that your neighbors, acquaintances, or employees have never had to register as a Sexual Offender.

Address History Search and Verification

This investigation can be used in conjunction with the Prior Employment Verification to ensure that your employees have accurately represented themselves on your employment application.